Potential Clients Should Know about “No Knife Necessary: Non-Surgical Facelift Alternatives That Really Work”


As people age, they look for ways to reduce wrinkles in their faces and methods of retaining their youthfulness. Many people opt to go to a plastic surgeon and have cosmetic procedures such as a facelift. Cosmetic surgeries work well, but they have one thing that is a drawback, and that is the use of the surgical knife, which could leave scars. There is an alternative program that potential clients should know about, called “No Knife Necessary: Non-Surgical Facelift Alternatives That Really Work.”

Problems with Surgical Cosmetic Surgery

For years and years, people have been getting plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and improve their appearance. However, the surgical knife left scars and being that is was surgery, there was always the risk that all surgeries have. Also, with going under surgery, there could be complications with the heavy anesthesia that is sometimes used. The surgeries are also hard to do for everyone, as certain medical conditions a person has may prevent him or her from being a candidate for surgery.

Introducing Juvederm

Today’s technology has allowed for a procedure called Juvederm in which no surgery is required for the patient. Since the procedure is non-evasive, it becomes a popular alternative for those who are seeking facelifts. The procedure helps to restore a patient’s youthful look, removes wrinkles and other signs of aging. Juvederm also is noted for removing those deep lines that sometimes occurs around a person’s mouth.

Other Benefits of Juvederm

Juvederm is also known for its applications in making lips appear more natural and fuller, without overdoing the process. A lot of women especially like this benefit because the lips are one of the parts of a woman’s face that projects her beauty. Finally, Juvederm is a reversible process because it uses a hyaluronidase filler.

A Specialist Who Can Help

Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding has been doing the Juvederm procedure for patients in the Orlando, Florida area for many years. Many patients have walked away from the procedure satisfied with the results. If there are any potential patients who want to know more about the non-evasive procedure, they can visit the website at http://www.yeildingmd.com/juvederm-orlando/.

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